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Like any artist, Bryana was a product of her surroundings. From giving her a first lesson of drawing the human form to providing her with creative solutions to art projects for school, her mother and father directed her towards her life today as an artist. Her parents sent her to the Marin Waldorf School, a highly regarded school centered on the arts, where she developed the techniques and skills that would later propel her in upcoming college years. Prior to graduating high school, she endured the loss of her father at the age of 17. Through this personal tragedy, she understood becoming a working artist was who she wanted to be, while honoring her father’s legacy.

Upon graduating high school she advanced my art education at a junior college, after which she was accepted to San Francisco's California College of Arts and Crafts. As a CCAC graduate with a degree in Illustration, she was one of few graduates to garner High Distinction Honors out of a class of approximately 200. From 2002-2005 Trader Joe's in Emeryville hired Bryana as their store
artist. She painted numerous pieces, which have since become permanent fixtures at the store. In 2005 She was commissioned to paint a 300 square foot mural in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Bryana's 2006 painting, "Spinning Lesson", won second prize in the nationwide competition for the 70th Anniversary of American Artist Magazine in 2007, and was featured in the December issue. Bryana returned to painting murals in 2008-2009 by working as Lead Muralist/Educator for the Mural Music and Art Project in the Bay Area, as well as coming back to Trader Joes to paint murals at various locations. Between MMAP, the San Francisco Arts Commission, Google, and other clients, Bryana Fleming murals has completed over two dozen murals to date. She also does landscape painting, murals for kids, and has several paintings for sale as well.

 Her creative fine art is based on her love for animals and bringing awareness to political and environmental issues plaguing today's world. Bryana says, "As I evolve as an artist I see myself finding time to travel more extensively and painting more work based on the great diversity of world cultures and the protection of wildlife and animal welfare worldwide."